About Us


About Us

The unpredictable side effects of chemically formulated pain medications are the main reason why natural pain relief remedies are considered to be a better option by many people. They can provide an instant relief when applied topically to the desired body part. These natural pain remedies can relieve your pain upon application.

HERBAL PACK is the leading manufacturer and distributor of natural hot & cold herbal packs in the Australia. We only use top quality herbs (food grade), which are mixed to create an effective aromatic formula. Together with the seed, which maintain the heating and cooling effects, the packs can provide great relief for common body pains, minor headaches, stress, muscle stiffness, and more.

The unique blend of HERBAL PACKS natural herbs includes chamomile, cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint, white willow, yarrow, and yellow-dock root. In addition, linn seed and oils are added to the blend as the heating and cooling components.

Each herb in our blend has its own unique qualities and benefits. The mixture of these essential herbs will provide long lasting effects and may help relieve the sources of pain upon application. In addition, the natural scent may provide immediate soothing effects and promote relaxation.
Please review each of the designs and purposes of HERBAL PACK products. If you have questions, please contact our customer service TELL:1300497272 send an email to info@herbalpack.com.au


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